History of professional ironing

Attention, innovation, support

The evolution of Made in Italy

The story of Stirmatic starts in 1974, in Bologna, from the experience of specialized technicians who operated in the field of laundry.

During all the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century, the knowledge gathered in the field made it possible to design and manufacture innovative vacuum-steam ironing boards, high-powered steam generators and ironing boards which managed to conquer the Italian market, first, then the international one.

Since 2003, headquarters have moved to Milan, the catalog selection has increased and the distribution network has been consolidated, both on a domestic and international level.

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Quality in every solution

Continuous technology evolution allows Stirmatic to propose to the market advanced solutions which can meet the most varied requirements: from precision ironing to various types of presses, from the treatment of leather to quick stain removing from clothing, thus guaranteeing high level performances and high functionality.

Italian components are characterized by their ruggedness and are the trump card of a highly specialized production process.

Our capillary presence on the territory makes it possible to offer a full aftersale service which can support customers in any situation.