Pneumatic presses for dry cleaners

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Quality ironing in any context

Our pneumatic presses have a high pressing force and make it possible to regulate the flattening pressure on variously shaped ironing plates. They also can be used in various contexts.

The plates have a large opening which makes it possible to easily position the cloth and, when needed, to use an iron; plate lowering can be done using buttons or a pedal, to leave the hands totally free to work. The presses can be supplied with automatic or electrically operated boilers, a suction unit, and a compressor, or devoid of these items so that they can be connected to a centralized plant.

In the hands of a skilled operator, it is possible to obtain high finish levels since steam release on both plates and drying by suction guarantee excellent results. It is also possible to set the steam release, pressing and suction durations using the three timers.

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Adjustable pressure


Large opening of the plates


Button- or pedal-operated


Ideal for cotton and water-washed fabrics

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